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Environment Variables

This is an inventory for all environment variables whether for Eggactyl, or for your program.

From Pterodactyl

Since Eggactyl runs under Pterodactyl, the following variables are exposed to your application.

  • SERVER_PORT : Shows the primary server port.
  • SERVER_MEMORY : Shows the total amount of memory available in MiB.

For MC Java Servers

  • JAVA_VERSION : Sets the Java Version for your application. (e.g. 17)
  • JAVA_ARGUMENTS : Provides a way to pass arguments for the JVM.

For Discord Bots

  • NODE_VERSION : Sets the Node.JS Version for your application. (e.g. 18)
  • BOT_FILENAME : Sets the default file to run at startup.
  • GIT_REPO : Sets the repo url to grab on startup. (Does not support ssh urls)
  • GIT_BRANCH : Sets the branch for the git repo.
  • GIT_PAT : Personal Access Token for any private repos.

For Voice Servers

  • QUERY_PORT : Sets the Query Port for TeamSpeak3.
  • FILE_PORT : Sets the File Port for TeamSpeak3.